Since the first time I experienced snowfall, I’ve been trying to capture the image through the lens of my camera, with very little result. Maybe it’s the camera, maybe it’s me. I admit that I am not very good at photography.

It’s very difficult to totally describe how it feels like. It falls to the ground with no sound, except for the twirling wind that sometimes comes with it. Sometimes the flakes come in clumps, looking like pieces of white cotton candy. Sometimes they are small like drops of white, small, pebbles. You can see them move when it’s windy, the lines of dropping snow flakes go to the right or to the left. When they touch the black roofs, green leaves, dark asphalt, the scenery changes very beautifully. It looks like someone has sprinkled powdered sugar on top of everything.

I love watching the snow falls. One night, when there was snow was falling heavily, we left the curtain of the bedroom window wide opened and watched the snowfall while lying down on the bed. It was majestic. With dark sky as a background, the white cottony flakes looked more vivid than ever. It’s simply one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen.







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