The Art of Letting Go

I’m writing this in one of my lowest mood, maybe even in the brink of depression. Migraine sneaked in just a moment ago and added to this, my attempt to make my 13 month old to get some naps ended in total failure. He wriggled out of my arms and tried to climb down the bed several times. His favorite books lost their charm. My soothing voice failed to calm him down. I desperately tried to pretend to sleep, hoping that he would follow suit. But instead he treated me as a roadblock that he must tackle.

No nappy time this time, I guess that’s what he wants. So I let go. I put him down on the floor, opened the door. He crawled out eagerly and soon found objects on the floor he found to be interesting. After a while, he begged to be lift up the bed again. Now, he is happily chewing his bath froggy toy and “reading” my Readers’s Digest right here beside me.

My migraine is still pounding the back of my right eye. But I now manage to smile, enjoying this moment and the most wonderful view in the world.