Daily Prompt: Oasis

To think about it, I never have just one single oasis or sanctuary. It keeps changing according to circumstances. I used to find peace in my mother’s arms. Her finger stroking my hair while I share with her my woes and cheers. Other times, my best friends would be where I can find solace. Laughing with them while embarking on an excursion can really set my mood into a better tune. After I got married, my husband and kids become my center of peace (and hurdles at the same time :)). Looking at my two boys’ faces while they are asleep can just thwart any of my worries and pains. As cliche as it might sound, I do find peace in the people that surround me and love me for who I am. They are my sanctuary, my true oasis.


25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Oasis

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