Damn it! A Demonstration in Carbondale.

My husband told me that as he was driving pass the main street of Carbondale, he saw a group of young people standing at the side of the street carrying banners and posters in support of……….the Isreaelis! What?!!! Are they out of their mind?

Then I opened the mailing list that only includes exchange students from around the world under one of the well-known scholarship and read a couple of letters that either: defending Israel, are oblivious to the atrocities that the Israelis have done in Gaza, or blaming both parties (Israelis and Hamas). And we’re talking here about intellectuals who have studied in the US and made contact with students from around the world, including Palestinians. The fact that exposure to different culture does not make them be more active in searching for more accurate information on the massacre in Gaza really upsets me.

Those people on the street of Carbondale might be the product of American media that are clearly not only inaccurate but also very misleading and in favor to the Israelis. But to think that those so called intellectuals also have the same ignorant stance toward the crisis in Gaza brought me to this conclusion: it is a matter of choice. We choose what we want to hear and see, what we want to believe or ignore. It will all come down to our conscience, whether we still have the ability to differ between evil and righteous. If deaths of innocent people reaching almost 500 in number, and around 2750 wounded people, lost of places to live, destruction of places of worship and a university, and scarcity of foods and medical supplies in Gaza did not stir your emotion, then you might as well ask yourself if you are still human.


12 thoughts on “Damn it! A Demonstration in Carbondale.

  1. laurasaid said: May God have mercy on them (Israel supporters) ! *sigh…..

    I feel like screaming to them: Wake up you morons! Betul2 emosi jiwa deh Lora…sedih banget kalau baca laporan2 dr teman2 yg memang ada di Palestina.

  2. proud2bewifenmom said: it`s enough for me to hear anything about israel!just make a lot of duas for palestine…

    That’s right. The media here is just serving craps and lies…no wonder people here are so ignorant.

  3. haniyyajewelz said: ahaha agree with u erma !!! anyway what saddens me is some muslim support the israel. Sigh!

    There are muslims supporting Israel? They must also have been brainwashed by the media. May Allah shows these muslims the truth.

  4. nanabiroe said: wow media can changepeople’s opinion…

    Yap nana…that’s how it works. You see it everyday on TV over and over again and the next thing people believe it as ‘fact’. Krn itu, umat Islam harus cerdas, jangan sampai tertipu dan kalau bisa juga mampu membuka mata org lain.

  5. aguskribo said: HAPUS ISRAEL DARI PETA DUNIA…!!

    Memang awalnya mereka gak ada kan Gus. Kalau Amerika cinta banget sama mereka, kenapa gak tampung aja tuh para zionis di wilayah Amerika ya? Napa juga musti ngejajah tanah Palestina?

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