Liburan berakhir

Terus…apa yg sudah dikerjain? Hmmm…apa ya? Nambar berat badan pastinya..he..he..he..berasa banget pinggang celana tambah sempit…payah banget deh, padahal pas bulan puasa kemaren semua celana pada melorot.

Sebenarnya ada juga hal2 lain yang berhasil dikerjakan…antara lain proses pendaftaran ke universitas2 sudah mulai rapi, udah mulai bikin statement of purpose buat pendaftaran, sudah nandain halaman utk bikin final paper, udah tambah banyak koleksi kata2 buat GRE…dan yg paling bikin happy…udah banyak main sama anak2.

Nah sekarang kuliah mulai lagi dan sudah tepat di ujung, tinggal 2 minggu lagi lo sebelum semester ini berakhir. Mudah2an semuanya bisa lancar…kuliah nilainya bagus, proses pendaftaran kuliah selanjutnya lancar dan (paling penting ni) bisa diterima di salah satu universitas yg aku lamar. Mohon doanya ya temans….



My Renaissance Studies class is great and yesterday might be the best session I’ve had. I had a short conference with Dr. Lamb at his office just before class and found out that she really liked my third short paper. She told me that this short paper “could easily be expanded to 10 pages” and be submitted as one of my final papers. Wow! What a relieve! I really worked hard to write that paper because the main material is extremely confusing due to the narrative nature of the novel itself. I was also glad because when I came to her office, I had not had any ideas on what to write on my second paper for the final. Now I have had two topics to write 2 final papers (10 pages each) and both of them have been approved by my professor.

Moreover, she mentioned my paper in class (not only mine, she also mentioned two other students’ papers) and when Camden tried to give her opinion at one point which was similar to what I wrote on the paper, Dr. Lamb playfully said: “According to our critic Penuh Cinta (off course this isn’t my real name)..” to remind her that I had already mentioned that in the paper. Amiiin to that! Dr. Lamb is a prolific literay critic. Her essays have been published in many literary reviews and she has even written a few books on Renaissance literature. To be praised by her is a thrilling honor! Alhamdulillah. Later on after class, I got my paper back and found out she gave me an A and a very good comment and feedback. Alhamdulillah..thanks Ayah, Imo and Darrel…hopefully I can get an A for all the classes I’m taking this semester!

Minus 3

Asyik, minus 3 derajad…gile…kok jadi kayak the weather channel aja ni gue…trus bela2in buka jendela dan ambil gambar jam 6.45 pagi…wiiii…masih gelap gulita bow.